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The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium Online at


Aug 28, 2017

Collin Kettell, CEO and Partner of Palisade Global Investments Ltd., speaks with Albert at the Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver.

Interview Highlights
[0:28] Impressions on the Vancouver Symposium
[1:00] About Palisade Global
[1:30] About Palisade Research
[2:10] Collin likes these commodities
[3:40] Uranium investments
[4:15] Palisade's upcoming event at Jekyll Island

About the guest
Collin Kettell is the CEO of Palisade Global Investments Ltd. and the host of Palisade Radio.

Palisade Global Investments Ltd. offers strategic consulting services to public and private companies looking to expand their corporate footprints and attract new international investors. From marketing road shows to full-service investor relations and promotional video campaigns, Palisade Global Investments is utilizing innovative strategies and techniques to drive broader investor awareness, increased liquidity, and higher valuations for their clients.

Palisade Global Investments Ltd. provides full service marketing and networking, allowing their clients to focus on what they do best - advancing projects and pioneering new products. Palisade Global Investments' focus is to assist in tapping into key networks, obtaining needed capital, and creating the most compelling image for its clients.

Contact him via:
Twitter @PalisadePro
Web at

About the host: Albert Lu is the President & CEO of Sprott US Media.

Contact him via:
Twitter @AlbertKLu
Web at