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The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium Online at


Sep 13, 2017

Brandon Zick and Hunt Stookey of Ceres Partners join the Power & Market Report for a discussion on farmland investing.

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Interview Highlights
[1:00] High-level view of the US farming sector
[1:57] What is causing the downward pressure on crop prices?
[3:10] Do we have a sustained rally in corn prices?
[3:46] Will we return to peak farming profits?
[5:29] Farmland as a complement to precious metals
[9:22] The importance of water rights
[16:53] Which crops are of interest to Ceres?
[18:08] Solar energy applications
[19:55] Farming as a hedge against stock market volatility
[22:38] Farmland expected real ROI

About the show
As the media arm of Sprott US Holdings Inc., we strive to produce the highest quality and most reliable market news and commentary in the natural resource sector.

Our vision is to connect scarce knowledge with the people who seek it and to inspire intelligent investing decisions.

About the guests
Brandon Zick focuses on managing all assets of the farm portfolio, performing valuation analysis and due diligence of property acquisitions, deal sourcing and negotiating acquisition terms, tenant sourcing and ongoing relationship management and oversees all portfolio management of the Fund.

Hunt Stookey brings broad experience in agribusiness and private equity. Prior to joining Ceres, Hunt was Director of Agriculture at AEW Capital Management, a $45 billion manager of commercial real estate investments.


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