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The Sprott Natural Resource Symposium Online at


Oct 25, 2017

David Garofalo, President & CEO, Goldcorp

Rick Rule discusses the highlights from David Garofalo's keynote speech at the 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium.

Rick also tackles attendee-submitted questions.

Interview Highlights
[5:30] Gold companies as leverage instruments
[7:30] What happened to gold companies during the last decade?
[9:17] Did companies rush to produce uneconomical deposits?
[10:40] What is the consequence of falling gold reserves?
[14:03] The industry has under-invested in exploration for two decades.
[16:00] How can investors protect themselves against the uncertainties of the gold mining business
[19:58] Is the progression of gold mining companies to real companies real?
[23:47] Conference attendee Q&A
1. What was your costliest investment mistake?
2. Can you comment on the psychology of investing?
3. If you could pick three jockeys, who would you pick?
4. What are you thoughts on the use of trailing stops?
5. What traits attract you to a company and what traits cause you to walk way?

About the guest
Rick Rule is the president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings, Inc.

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About the host: Albert Lu is the President & CEO of Sprott US Media.

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Twitter @AlbertKLu
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